!! Swiss Meringue Buttercream Only!! 

Some cakes will have some small fondant details but I work with buttercream so you won't see any full fondant style cakes here sorry xx


Mini cakes have become the norm during isolation. This tall mini is perfect for a drip style. They can be done in a variety of colours or dressed to suit your chosen theme or colour preferences. They may look small but are deceptive and if cut right can give 8-12 portions. I think they will remain popular afterwards for smaller gatherings when cake is still a must, after all a party without cake is just a meeting!

Mini cake in tall serves 8-12 starts from £50 for a standard finish. Toppers and themes priced accordingly.


Mini cake in short style.

Gives almost the same number of servings as the tall mini but is better suited to some themes such as the examples shown. 

Mini 6" short style, serves 6-12. Starting from £45. Toppers and themes priced accordingly.



Standard 6" cake serves 12-24 depending on cut and starts from £75 for a standard finish.

A step up the 8"cake gives 24-48 servings depending on the cut and starts from £95.

Mini number cakes are a nice alternative cake for mile stone birthdays such as 18, 21, 30 etc servings vary by number combination and prices start from £60.


Large number cakes are also a nice change. Can be done as double figures or as individual numbers and can also be themed. Servings vary and prices start from £75 per number. 


Servings are based on a 1"x1" or 1"x2" portion.


Toppers and themes are priced on top of the standard price and will vary depending on what you would like. If you haven't seen a topper then I can recommend ones based on the theme you would like. Fresh flowers, buttercream flowers etc are also an additional cost. Alcohol for the cakes must be provided by the customer and I can recommend some great online sites to order from.