Looking after your cake

Once the cake has been collected it is your responsibility to keep it safe until it is time to enjoy, the following tips should help keep it fab until then! 

Transporting your cake 

Before you set off to collect your cake you should make sure that the passenger footwell is clear and the air conditioning or cool air is on to the the footwell. This is the most stable place for the cake to travel. On seats or held on knees are absolutely not recommended. You will be given a piece of non slip mat to help keep the box in place however you still need to drive with care. 

Storing your cake

Buttercream cakes are best enjoyed at room temperature but until your event/party its best stored in a cool room- with no heating or direct sunlight. If you collect the night before your event try and store in the fridge until the morning of or if you are taking to a venue until it is being transported there as this will keep it more stable for handling. 

How to cut your cake

This handy guide will help you cut your cake when at home or at a venue letting you cut yourself. 


If (for some unknown reason lol) you have cake left over it will keep for 3 days from the date of collection if kept wrapped up and in a cool room or stored in the fridge - let it come to room temperature before unwrapping to enjoy.